Immersive Virtual Tours

A Revolutionary Approach to Virtual Tours combining:  Drones, 360 Images & Video to create highly engaging, interactive experiences for your customers.

YouTour is a revolutionary Online Open Day Software. Take prospective parents on a journey from 120m above your campus, flying down through your facilities and stopping at key locations along the way. At each location parents can view 360 Virtual Images, Videos and Photos. YouTour is simple to embed on your website and is also Facebook embeddable allowing you to promote your interactive school tour to the newsfeeds of key demographics in your area. For more information please contact us.

Fly through your business like never before with our state of the art technology. A truely unique approach to virtual tours.

View Your World in 360

We include highly creative and engaging videos. We can incorporate your existing promotional photographs and videos or capture new content that tells your story.

Interactive 360 Images immerse your customers in the location .

Fly Throughs

Interact with Media Content

YouTour is customisable to align with your brand guidelines and colours. Change our Call to Action buttons to suit your needs such as “Book a Tour” or “View Our Prospectus”. 

Customise to Your Branding

Deep Analytics

YouTour’s Deep Analytics allow you to track a users every step through your school, giving incredible marketing insights into how visitors are interacting with your campus and what interests them.

Cross Platform

Social Media Embeddable

YouTour can be viewed on the Web, PC or Mac, iPhone/Android, and Tablets.

With each YouTour we create a bonus 30 second commercial showing the highlights of your tour. Boost your commercial to target key demographics on Social Media giving prospective parents a unique experience of your school.

High User Engagement

A Revolutionary Marketing Tool

Cost Effective

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CEO - Co-Founder


Our experienced team has worked on film projects ranging from feature films to corporate videos for Rio Tinto. Daniel Bunker is an award winning documentary filmmaker who recently released his film 'The Return of the Catalina'. Susan is a retired World Champion Netballer and dual Commonwealth Games medalist bringing her incredible teamwork and organisational skills to YouTour.

YouTour is a part of Bunker Media Pty. Ltd. creating engaging and professional films for schools, universities, mining and corporations. Founded in 2008, Bunker Media has expanded into the Virtual Reality Industry bringing with it expertise in: Film, Photography, Drones & App Development.

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Let us come to you for a quick sit down meeting where we can discuss YouTour further with you. We can also talk to you about our Special Introductory Pricing which is very cost effective.

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